Smartlight in Cameri - 2nd winter

Lampioni Fotovoltaici Smartlight C22014-005w

is now also spent the 2nd winter, with regard to the installation of solar lighting with street lamps Smartlight technology incorporated in the works of urbanization of the municipality of Cameri (NO).

The street lights solar technology Smartlight were chosen as a solution to the specific needs of the client:
1. considerable reduction of the costs of application of the implant
2. no cost recovery area (area already urbanized)
3. times (very narrow) of construction work
4. low maintenance costs
5. innovative and low environmental impact
6. educational purpose of the project
7. redevelopment of the area

In recent days, we have carried out an inspection at the Cameri for checking the status of ‘solar lighting system (now no routine maintenance done yet): Below the related photos


solar street light

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